The extension of warehouses which forms GERIMPORT is located between Valencia and Murcia, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Corridor, an ideal enclave for logistics.

A company founded in 1993, a leader in imports and distribution of multi priced products in Spain and Portugal, Gerimport is growing in the European market. Thanks to its 70,000 square metres which ensure an impressive stock of more than 40,000 index references, which are expanded each season with about 8,000 thousand new products.


Gerimport, a leader in Christmas products in Spain for years, has been working hard listening to its clients, and is constantly expanding its family range.

The last major addition was stationery. From decoration, home and utensils, through to the basic and not so basic bathroom, cleaning, hardware store, interior and garden furniture, etc., to reach unique new heights in parties, Valentines, Halloween, trips, flowers and Saints days. Now there are very few things you can’t offer your main customer, the bazaar wholesaler, to meet all customer necessities and whims. A total of 40,000 index references per year, with more than 10,000 new items per season, in the more than 30 product families that form our range.

In recent years we have opted to strengthen all their departments, especially the purchasing department. Being attentive to market trends, but above all to customer demand, by investing in facilities and work systems and qualified personnel, allow us to give greater satisfaction in all of the following: catalogue, logistics, attention, anticipation and resolution. The commercial department has been expanded to be able to serve European customers with the same care.

One of the biggest requests is always to be able to see and touch material, and for that reason we have permanent showrooms in both Spain and Italy, specifically in Rome. This effort is notable in their loyal collaboration with Intergift, but they also bring their showroom closer to their own fairs and exhibitions.

Gerimport moves, per year, more than 2,500 containers of products coming from Asia, Africa and Europe, providing the top brands to 4,000 customers across Europe.

The quality of the products, the immediacy of the service and the spirit of effort and honesty are the hallmarks of Gerimport. A commitment that is reflected in teamwork, we currently have more than 100 workers.

Maintaining an optimal balance between quality and the price offered to customers is a challenge, achieved thanks to offices in China. From there an exhaustive selection is made of the goods demanded from the European markets, thus guaranteeing the best quality at competitive prices and even anticipating the trends of the market.

Thanks to this work, Gerimport stands out for its selection of bazaars, Christmas and Summer, as well as for the efficiency of its service to retailers, multipurpose channels, department stores and Cash & Carries. Optimal warehouse management, the professional qualifications of its employees, its location -in a strategic enclave with privileged connections- and the alliance with the main transport companies, make Gerimport one of the most competitive companies in Spain and Portugal and in constant growth in Europe.